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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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three years that they had not used them, my Lord Walpole let his own son ride them, while he was at the Park, in the holidays. Do you know, that the woman Horace sent to Sir Eobert, and made him give her five guineas for the two horses, because George had ridden them? I give you my word this is fact. . . ,7
There has been a great fracas at Kensington: one of the Mesdames8 pulled the chair from under Countess Deloraine9 at cards, who, being provoked that her Monarch was diverted with her disgrace, with the malice of a hobby-horse, gave him just such another fall. But alas! the Monarch, like Louis XIV., is mortal in the part that touched the ground, and was so hurt and so angry, that the Countess is disgraced, and her German rival10 remains in the sole and quiet possession of her royal master's other side.
Oct. 9th.
Well! I have waited till this morning, but have no letter from you; what can be the meaning of it ? Sure, if you was ill, Mr. Chute would write to me ! Your brother protests he never lets your letters lie at the office.
Sa Majest6 Patapanique " has had a dreadful misfortune ! —not lost his first minister, nor his purse—nor had part of his camp equipage burned in the river, nor waited for his secretary of state, who is perhaps blown to Flanders12—nay,
7  Passage omitted.
8  The daughters of George H.
9  Mary   (d.   1744),   daughter   of Charles Howard;  m. (1726) Henry Scott, first Earl of Deloraine;   she •was  Governess  to  the   Princesses Mary and Louisa.
10  Lady Yarmouth.     Walpole.— Amelia Sophia von "Walmoden (d. 1765),  or.   Countess   of  Yarmouth, 1740.   (See Horace Walpole's Semi-niicences, ch. vii.)
11 Patapan, Mr.W.'s dog. Walpole,
12 < Friday, Oct. 8. Lord Carteret, in his Return from the Hague, having set sail in a Man of War on Saturday night from the Q-ore, met with contrary Winds, and hy the Storm was drove as far as Hull, and with great Difficulty reached the Coast of Norfolk, and landed at Yarmouth, on Wednesday Evening. His Lordship made a present of 100 guineas to the Captain, and fifty to the Lieutenant hesides a Sum to be divided amongst the Sailors. This Morning he waited